New Hobbies to Try This Winter

The weather might be frightful, but that is no reason to hibernate!

Summit offers a variety of opportunities to help you forget about the cold and to stimulate your body and your mind. From swim and exercise classes to a diverse range of educational courses, there really is something for everyone–whether you want to focus on things you already love, or get into something you just have not learned to love yet.

Get Active, Stay Active

We offer a range of exercise classes to keep your muscles and joints warm even on the coldest day. How can you stay active as the temps are dropping? Take a dip in our heated pool (yes, really!) and enjoy one of Summit’s aquatic fitness programs.

There are a number of aquatic programs to choose from:

  • Aqua Fit: Our Aqua Fit class focuses on motion, flexibility, stretching, and light aerobics to keep you active while working out with friends. Group exercise has been shown to produce better results from workouts–plus it is a lot more fun!
  • Hydro Rider: Community members enjoy taking part in regular Aqua Cycling classes — yes a bike, in the water! Using the natural resistance of the water, you and friends will participate in a low impact workout that feels more like a breezy bike ride than an exercise regimen–the results might surprise you!
  • Water Aerobics: A constant flow of movement guided by choreography, interval, and aquatic strength training make up the bulk of the water aerobics class. The group nature of this class helps you to set goals that your classmates can help you achieve. You may even form new friendships along the way!
  • Water Walking: For community members who want to take things at their own pace, walking around the pool while catching up with friends is a great exercise that is not instructor-led.
  • There are also a number of non-water group exercise programs, including strength training, balance class, stretch n’ flex, and yoga; each program offers different types of workouts and workout loads based on preference and desired physical improvement area.

The More You Know

While working out your body is necessary, it is just as important to flex that big muscle in your head: your brain. Summit University, our premiere educational program, is built to do just that. We offer curriculum all over the educational spectrum. Participate in lecture series on world history, national parks, The Louvre, and many others. Have an interest in the arts? We offer card making and paint & sip classes, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. There truly is a course for every inquisitive mind at Summit University. No matter the subject, you can choose to strengthen a topic that you are already knowledgeable about or learn something completely new!

There is also a monthly book club. Each month you will tackle a brand new novel from a diverse range of fictional and non-fictional works. The book club has an open-door policy, so you can jump in or out whenever you want.

Go Out (or Stay In)

Even with the weather being less than desirable this time of year, Summit still gives you options for a little time out–if you want it. There are optional bi-weekly group trips to excellent local restaurants. The range of restaurants is diverse, so whether you want to try a new cuisine or indulge in an old favorite, your options are open. There also trips to nearby concert halls and museums; you might find that you have an inclination toward symphony or Monet.

If you do not feel like braving the cold, there is also a number of fun things that are brought right to the community. Catered food is delivered regularly to the tavern so that you can experience all types of local foods without leaving the community. There are also regular movie showings in our theater; you might find yourself an accidental film buff just from spending those cold winter nights watching movies!

Here at Summit, we pride ourselves on giving our community members a wealth of options when it comes to creating new and fun experiences. Whether it is exercise, education, art, or food, we strive to provide the comfort of something familiar with the adventure of something new. Come out of the cold and play!