The Connected Life Program focuses on highlighting the four key aspects that are a vital part of a healthy, happy, and balanced life.

Residents are able to choose activities and programs that complement their personal tastes in Health & Fitness, Lifelong Learning, Community Activities, and Leisure & Recreation. The best part? All programs are free for our residents (along with a daily continental breakfast).

This includes all of our wellness activities, referrals to community service providers, an array of educational programs, choices of weekly recreational events, regular social opportunities and gatherings, transportation services for shopping, medical visits, and so much more!

We believe that staying Connected enhances the human experience and Summit Senior Living is committed to providing you with the resources to have the best experience possible.


Healthy living is an integral part of the Connected Life Program. Whether you’re a devoted pilates class-goer, enjoy taking evening walks with a friend, love water aerobics, or just need to meditate in the morning before you start your day, our Health program has something for you.

This part of our program focuses on health clinics, group exercise classes, and nutritional seminars led by the guidance of experts in the fields of preventive medicine, fitness, and nutrition.


Being part of a community is more than just being neighbors. It’s individuals coming together to build each other up, share similar interests, laugh together, and help each other grow. So Summit plans an array of year-round activities for you to choose from every month. From cocktail hours to movie nights, lunch outings at local favorites to group gardening sessions, you’re sure to have fun, and make some new friends along the way.


Summit residents are never without an opportunity to have some fun. Whether it’s trying their hand at a friendly game of cards, unwinding in the day spa, perfecting their cross stitch, or just relaxing and catching up with other residents. Leisure and recreational activities are an important part of our Connected Life program, that keep you relaxed and entertained.


As seniors, sometimes we think we have seen (and know) it all, but as John Wooden once said “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” At Summit, we believe learning is a lifelong process that helps us thrive and grow. So we developed Summit University as part of our Connected Life Program to offer you a variety of educational opportunities.

Every month we provide classes that are informative as well as interesting, ranging in topics from watercolor painting to U.S. history and language classes. No matter your educational background or interests, Summit University has something to keep you learning.