Organize Senior Moves Makes Moving Easy

“Regardless of their age, the number one thing we hear when we meet a client for the first time is that they are overwhelmed and do not know where to begin,” said Michelle Kavanaugh-Anastasi, CEO and founder of Organize Senior Moves (OSM), LLC.


A member of the National Association of Senior Moving Managers, OSM is an independently owned senior move management company trained and certified to work with clients during what can often be an emotional time, particularly for those going through the process of downsizing their possessions late in life. This can apply to more than moving: OSM also offers organization services and can help you stage your home for sale.

“After our free, one-hour assessment, we develop a plan of attack,” explained Kavanaugh. “If you allow somebody to help you with the process, it can be done very quickly and efficiently. It won’t be as bad as a lot of our clients think it’s going to be.”

Working with the client and their family, OSM facilitates the move, while the client makes choices and directs the process. “Oftentimes, our clients are not only anxious about the move, but are also reluctant to say goodbye to some of their possessions,” she added. “Many of which they’ve had for many years.”


While stressful, Kavanaugh said change can also be exciting and she and her team of 20 employees work to ensure that the experience is as positive as possible for their clients. The process, she said, is simple:

  • First, the new space is measured and a layout is chosen;
  • Then, they work with the client to decide which items they will keep, and which they will sell, donate, give to family members or dispose of;
  • The client is then packed;
  • And, finally, unpacked in their new space, including placement of furniture, hanging pictures, unpacking personal items, putting away dishes and making beds.

“On moving day, we aim to have the client completely unpacked and comfortable in their new home,” said Kavanaugh, clearly passionate about the work she does. “The most exciting part of our job is the day we move clients. When we unpack them and set up their home. When our clients walk in to view their new home, the expressions on their faces are priceless.”

OSM has access to a number of resources that may be needed during the moving process such as auctioneers, realtors and movers. Kavanaugh’s project managers can identify and recommend services their clients may need, but no decision is ever made without the client’s input.

“We can handle whatever the client needs to make the move easier and less stressful,” said Kavanaugh. “Our team is dedicated to creating the confidence that a client needs to make the necessary decisions during a difficult transition. We will work closely with our clients to ensure their comfort, happiness and peace of mind.”

It isn’t necessary to be a senior to take advantage of OSM’s services. Just visit the company’s Delmar location at 125 Adams Street between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., or call (518) 621-6568 to schedule a free, one-hour consultation. To learn more, clickĀ here.