Summit COVID-19 Policies (March 3 Update)

COVID Mask Policy & COVID Update:

As of February 10, mask-wearing is optional for residents, staff, visitors, and vendors at Summit Senior Living Communities. We take this step with increased optimism about the future. 90% of our residents are vaccinated, and Summit’s Connected Life program, which includes all programming, activities, outings, and fitness and wellness, is thriving. Together, and with the help of our residents, we have discovered new approaches we would never have imagined before Covid.

We understand people have different feelings and philosophies about mask-wearing and Covid-19 in general. We encourage all residents and others to do what they are personally most comfortable with and to wear a mask if they so choose.

Tours of the communities are available in person or virtually. Summit will continue to monitor infection rates, vaccination recommendations, and other guidance to make the best decisions for our communities.

Please let us know if you need help acquiring a home COVID test kit. A limited number of test kits are available in each Community.

Updated 3/3/2022