Compassion, the key to a more meaningful and healthy life.

In light of this beautiful month of May and the holiday that celebrates mothers, I came to reflect on this topic. Usually, we come to know compassion first from our mothers. We all need it from time to time and we need to have it for others from time to time. No matter where we live, what we have, what our age is. We need to feel for someone else’s hardship and be willing to help when the moment arises. Compassion is being thoughtful and decent. Compassion is the culmination of all virtues.

Sometimes this is not as easy for some as it may be for others. However, doing things that we see as uncomfortable or not easy is the price we pay for a meaningful life. Sometimes compassion can be just that. We judge and compare, thinking we are better or more advanced, intellectual. To put yourself in someone else’s shoes is always a good practice. Perhaps best when you find yourself judging another. One day might be great for you and you choose to judge someone else’s situation. Then, the next day, you find yourself in a similar situation. Then you find yourself being judged. This is life. A continual flow of juxtapositions. This flow keeps us all human, if you are aware of this and learn from it.

As humans, we are all at times fragile, our problems bring us to be compassionate. Compassion is the understanding of this fragility and the complexity of life. When it comes to face our fragility, are you able to accept it and see yourself? Because In seeing yourself, you are also able to see others, too. Sadly, it’s hard to be compassionate to the ones closest to us. Here are some ideas for all of us to remember.

  1. Open the door for someone. …
  2. Motivate others. …
  3. Practice acts of kindness. …
  4. “Step” in someone’s else’s “shoes”
  5. Give time to a charity.
  6. Give a hug or a handshake.
  7. Say “thank you” in your daily routine.
  8. Offer to help someone with their to-do list.
  9. Take time to listen to others.
  10. Catch yourself judging others and reverse it to be understanding.

In the end, compassion is not an idealistic notion. It can be considered as a spiritual tool. It is known to be good for your physical and mental health too. It can lower your stress levels and alleviate a feeling of depression. So, be compassionate. Show your flaws and accept others’. It is essential to our spiritual growth as humans and contentment in our daily life.